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To maximize usage of our bedroom space, we use sliding door wardrobes. This is the simple mechanism door fittings for wardrobe. This mechanism should not disturb bedroom space and other. The door in wardrobe will move on same line & length on the wardrobe. So wardrobe reside along with bedroom wall, we can get more moving spaces


This is the external open type, 2 door opening 3 door opening and 4 door opening etc. The door will open outside, so we need additional open space for this wardrobe. If u have more space in bedroom, we can go for this


It is a box type wardrobe.Inside box we can walk through & access our wardrobe. Separate cabins for men clothes, separate cabins for women and separate cabins for dressing room. Both sections could disturb with each other. Also we can fix lightings and face washing area etc..


This platform for prayer is designed to be integrated into the main living area or dining area. Pooja rooms are auspicious, and send positive vibes throughout the home, hence it is not surprising that many people choose to make it the sacred center of their home. Based on customer requirements we can design pooja room


With living space reducing and size of apartments becoming smaller and smaller, Home loft ideas have become familiar. Loft is used for store unwanted items or goods. The space is designed an overhead on the room space. So it will not disturb our moving spaces and floor usages.


To cover the granite or stone civil shelf with door is called frame with shutters. Also we fix hinges locks and handles. It will look like as modular shelf.


Entertainment plays a very important role in our lives, and central part of the living room. Also we can showcase our decorative fancy collection & memorable items along with TV stand with display.


False ceilings are light in weight, Heat resistant, moisture resistant and reduce condensation and subsequent dripping from ceiling onto work surfaces false ceiling is now considered an important part of the whole Home decor and interior.